Vinecki’s Inspiration – Take Care of Your Health

Prostate cancer affects roughly 1 in 7 men, including father of triathlete, Winter Vinecki, who now competes on behalf of her deceased father. It’s the second most common form of cancer and there are numerous different aspects of our lives which are supposed to affect whether we develop it or not from our bodyweight, to taking too many supplements. However, this also means there are several things we can tweak in order to lower our chances of getting it.

Things to avoid:

A link between prostate cancer and dairy consumption has shown that a diet which includes a lot of milk greatly increases your chance of developing the disease. This is thought to be because the dairy imbalances your hormones and boosts the amount of insulin in your blood. Although calcium is vital for our bone health, making sure you don’t get your recommended allowance by eating or drinking huge amounts of dairy can reduce your risk of prostate cancer.

Too many supplements can actually be harmful to your health and increase your chances of developing prostate cancer. Vitamin E in particular can raise your antioxidant levels to a dangerously high level. Antioxidants are excellent in fighting free radicals which cause cancer. However, too many can work in the opposite direction.

Do more:

A major way of reducing your risk of getting prostate cancer is to maintain a healthy bodyweight. Eating a balanced, healthy diet will also keep your immune system strong and trying to consume fruit and veg which contains lycopene has been found to reduce your risk because the antioxidant helps to fight free radicals in a natural way and at a safe level. In addition, keeping active can not only help control your weight but has also been found to reduce your chances itself.

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